[digiKam-users] macOS - dpi issue on Retina displays?

S Kulkarni listaccount at revenant.org
Thu Oct 31 03:15:49 GMT 2019

After installing DK 6.3.0 on two macs, everything is a few times larger
than it should be in digikam Image Editor and Light Table windows, and in
showfoto, including the toolbar, thumbnails, content. Button and cursor
activity doesn't match the location of where the pointer actually is. But
the digikam main window and the batch queue manager window do not have this
problem. One of the DK 6.3.0 installations was "fresh" over a new macOS
install, the other was an upgrade from DK 6.0.0.

I think it might be related to Retina displays because the problem doesn't
occur with 6.3.0 on two non-retina computers I tried (but they are also
non-standard in other ways).

All of the computers are on macOS 10.14.6. The issues occur on a MBP11,1
and MB8,1. They do not occur with an MBA2,1 (which has been persuaded to
run 10.14.6 despite it being unsupported) and a "hackintosh".

Any ideas?

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