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Alex Antão alex at familiaturista.com.br
Mon Oct 14 14:56:25 BST 2019


   Finishing my export, I have a doubt:

     I've put all my photos to a external HD that will be place on a device (TimaCapsule) and shared over network.

     On my computer, I added a Network Collection on Digikam, it scanned all library and then I started to organize my photos, like grouping them.

     But I will open the same library on another computer, and I'd like that all organization I made on the first computer was replicated on the others.

I know that some information are stored on EXIF inside the files, and I'm trying to organize the folder as best as I can, but some information like groups (and possibly others I don't know that exist yet) I think is stored on Database, so teoretically, it would not replicate on the second computer. 

      Is there a way to do that ?


   Alex Antão
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