[digiKam-users] problem when setting stars

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 13:36:07 BST 2019


I'm using DK 6.3 on windows , I set a filter to 1 * , then I'm removing 
the * on some of the picture.

the normal behavior is that the * is removed and as a consequence the 
picture is hidden from the thumbnail view.

But in my case I need to remove the * multiple time before it becomes 
effective. I didn't notice that on previous version. I tried to remove 
the * on one or multiple picture, using CTRL-0, clicking on the * of the 
picture or in the legend of the picture and apply, same behavior.

this is not systematic, but it is happening very often today. is it a 
known problem?

last change I've made was to select automatic Album refresh option (as 
suggested in a recent mail), just unselect it, but seems same behavior

thanks for helping


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