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jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Fri Oct 11 16:46:38 BST 2019

Le 11/10/2019 à 17:25, Alex Antão a écrit :

> Thank you for you attention

lot of works!!

for me I do so:

* always copy with the OS my photos to a date tree, usually on a day 
basis, I call this "originals". I try never to edit anything there. I 
keep these folders for around 2-3 years or as long as I have room on my 

* copy all this to a "edited" folder where digikam have access. There I 
remove bad images, edit the images... then these photos a copied to my 
online gallery

* usually do this on my internal ssd then move it to my "archives" 
disks. I have 3 of them. One is nearly always near my computer, often 
switched off. The second one is also near, but only switched on when 
necessary. This last one is exchanged randomly for a third one usually 
located in an anti fire box located at the other corner of the house (as 
far as I can, when I was working it was at work). These archive disks 
are 4 or 5 Tb

Like this I'm almost prepared to the disaster :-)

* I try not to remove photos from sd cards - they are so cheap nowaday I 
keep them several years before reusing them.

I really like the fact than digikam uses the very same structure as the 
OS, lot of work on the image is done at os level



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