[digiKam-users] Digikam will not run on latest MacOS Catalina

willemx willemx at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 9 10:36:00 BST 2019

Ok thanks, I will wait for a next release of digikam that will be compatible
with macOS Catalina and for now use a linux machine for working with

I do think however that the other problem (different pathnames on different
clients for the same share) needs to be addressed by digikam. It looks to me
as if the current situation has a design flaw. I think you should not store
client-specific information like file paths in a global database that is
also used by other clients. Would it not be better to store this kind of
data in a local settings file on the client itself?
Or give each client it's own config setting in the global database if you
don't want local config files.

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