[digiKam-users] I cannot get the Nabbler digiKam forum to work

Paul A. Schroeter pschroeter at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 1 18:17:03 BST 2019

I joined the Pixlus forum like you suggested and I'm very happy with the help I'm getting there. I notice you are a major developer associated with digiKam. I just wonder if you or one of the other developers monitors the Pixlus forum. I haven't unsubscribed from the mailing list yet and I notice you are constantly involved with it. I wonder when I make a suggestion on Pixlus or bring up an issue, does anyone who could do anything see it? 
If I have suggestions would I be better off trying to make them someplace else? If you read the message at the bottom that originally got rejected on Nabble you will see I was looking for a key command to go directly between the Thumbnail view and the Album tree. I found out Pixlus I can do this with shift-tab but that takes two clicks and I think there should be a more direct way. 

Paul A. Schroeterpschroeter at yahoo.com 

    On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 2:45:26 PM EDT, Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com> wrote:  
You can use Pixlus forum instead :

Gilles Caulier
Le mar. 17 sept. 2019 à 19:40, Paul A. Schroeter <pschroeter at yahoo.com> a écrit :

I am having a horrible time getting the this forum to work. I can login to Nabbler and I belong to the digiKam mailing list, but they won't work together. I have tried THREE times to post a question in the Nabbler site without luck. When I do I get an email with the following:

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I'm often in Thumbnail view going through photos with the keyboard arrow keys when I want to change folders in the left side Album tree. I cannot for the 
life of me find a way to change the focus to the Album tree so I can go up 
and down through the folders with the arrow keys, (which I organize by date
taken) without 
moving my right hand off the keyboard to use the mouse to do it. 

I also imagine this will mean I need a way to go from the Album tree back to
the Thumbnail window. 

I use digiKam 99% of the time with the left sidebar showing the Album tree, 
with the middle window in Thumbnail view. 

It would be nice if right-click Go to > Album worked in this situation 
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I LOVE digiKam but getting help with it has been pure torture. It took me forever to figure out how and where to get help, and with this mailing list complication it's been hell.

Why not just create an actual standalone forum that people can subscribe to? That's what every other program I use does.

PS. I've been trying to donate because I actually like the program, but the Paypal site only takes euros and I can't figure that complication out either.

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