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To record GPS info to JPG, we use Exiv2 library. Which Exiv2 version
you use exactly ?

Gilles Caulier

2010/5/4 Martin Bretschneider <mailing-lists-mmvi at>:
> Hi,
> I use digiKam for some years now and like the geotagging function. I
> upload the photos to where the coordinates are read from
> the exif data. But not anymore: it seems that since digiKam 1.2
> panoramio does not recognize the cordinates from the images anymore.
> I compared an older photo tagged with digiKam 0.9x and one with recent
> 1.2 as jpeg and with the extracted exif data but I do not see any major
> difference:
> Can you please have a closer look and maybe give me an explenation for
> the problem.
> TIA =A0Martin
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