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Sun Oct 27 01:32:15 BST 2019

The versions I use are:
digikam 0.10
exiv 0.18
gphoto2 2.4.4

Any ideas what I could do?

Thanks for your help


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Hi,<br><br>I have the following problems with digikam. <br>I like to rename=
 my fotos autmatically using the date and putting them into subdirs accordi=
ng to date. <br>This worked well until recently I did an upgrade of my whol=
e system <br>
Now all photos get the date of 1.1.1970 01:00. This is what digikam reads a=
s the date from the cameras file profile (hopefully translated correctly) a=
nd this is what it uses for renaming the files.<br>From the picture propert=
ies the date is read correctly. <br>
<br>The versions I use are:<br>digikam 0.10<br>exiv 0.18<br>gphoto2 2.4.4<b=
r><br>Any ideas what I could do?<br><br>Thanks for your help<br><br>Christi=


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