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Sun Oct 27 01:32:15 BST 2019

separate directory hierarchy. Currently, I just copy the files into the
galliery, but I'd like to use symlinks to save hard disk space. At the
end I rsync the gallery directory to a web server.

Is something like this possible with digikam?

I saw that digikam can import my already existing galleries. I also saw
that is has a nice light table function to view the picures, so that I
can select the good ones and delete the bad onces in a comportable way.

How can I manage the "raw" collection with the directory structure
mentioned in 1. and the albums mentioned in 3.? Should I move the
raw collection to the album directory, and handle 2 forks of the
galliry (e.g. "raw" and "sorted") in digikam?

How can I create a new gallery "foo" in a way that the files in
sorted/foo are just symlinks to the files in raw/? If this can't be
done in digikam, then maybe I could just write a shell script that
replaces the files in sorted/ with symlinks to raw/.


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