[digiKam-users] convert2jpg batch queue tool name change between DK6 and 6.1 erase preset.

Nicolas Boulesteix nico.boulesteix at gmail.com
Mon May 27 14:44:08 BST 2019

Does these names changes are referenced somewhere to avoid having to look
for which tool have been renamed or not ?


Le lun. 27 mai 2019 à 15:32, Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> Hi,
> This kind of change is due to port all BQM tools as the new Plugins
> infrastructure. So there is new changes to process here in the future.
> And yes, renaming these tool strings in XML queue settings file saved in
> your home directory will fix your problem.
> Best
> Gilles Caulier
> Le lun. 27 mai 2019 à 13:58, Nicolas Boulesteix <nico.boulesteix at gmail.com>
> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I don't know if it's normal, but it seems some tool name of the batch
>> queue manager have changed between v6.0 and v6.1.
>> Due to this change, I've lost my Batch preset (it could be nice if a
>> backup could be done before Digikam delete these preset (Digikam inform the
>> preset are deleted due to tool version conflict or some thing like that but
>> don't made backup)) because they use the convert2jpg tool which now is
>> named ConvertToJpg.
>> Does somebody could confirm the "ConvertToJpg" name is definitive or if I
>> need to backup my batchqueue preset file with the future version because
>> the new name is not intentional ?
>> Thanks
>> Nicolas
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