[digiKam-users] Template setup fails

Alan H webaccounts at live.com
Mon Jul 29 22:17:15 BST 2019

Thanks Maik. Log attached.


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Please download DebugView from Microsoft and start it. Then start digiKam and
apply metadata. Please post the log of DebugView here or send it to me as
private mail.


Am Montag, 29. Juli 2019, 19:31:09 CEST schrieb Alan H:
> New digiKam user running 6.2.0 on a Windows 10 laptop.
> In a previous message I wrote that when adding tags/keywords/captions
> (and/or writing Metadata to file) I was getting a DB folder does not
> exist/like to create/could not create/select different location error when,
> in fact, "digiKam DBs" did exist in my Pictures folder. Gilles Caulier
> suggested installing 6.2.0 (over 6.1.0) and that resolved the problem -
> tags/keywords/captions added and written with no error messages.
> Working on through the program I have now found that I get the same messages
> when setting up a template for "Rights." I enter/add a title and fill the
> various Rights fields. Clicking on OK I get the messages listed above (and
> "digiKam DBs" is in my Pictures folder). However, upon opening the
> Captions>Information tabs in the right sidebar, and selecting a template,
> nothing is displayed in the Rights windows for Names, Position....etc. I
> get the same (non) result when trying to set up a template from the menu
> bar (Settings>Configure digiKam>templates) as well as from the edit button
> for Captions>Information on the right side bar.
> Am I missing something?  Suggestions, fixes most welcome. Thanks.
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> 10

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