[digiKam-users] Template setup fails

Alan H webaccounts at live.com
Mon Jul 29 18:31:09 BST 2019

New digiKam user running 6.2.0 on a Windows 10 laptop.

In a previous message I wrote that when adding tags/keywords/captions (and/or writing Metadata to file) I was getting a DB folder does not exist/like to create/could not create/select different location error when, in fact, "digiKam DBs" did exist in my Pictures folder. Gilles Caulier suggested installing 6.2.0 (over 6.1.0) and that resolved the problem - tags/keywords/captions added and written with no error messages.

Working on through the program I have now found that I get the same messages when setting up a template for "Rights." I enter/add a title and fill the various Rights fields. Clicking on OK I get the messages listed above (and "digiKam DBs" is in my Pictures folder). However, upon opening the Captions>Information tabs in the right sidebar, and selecting a template, nothing is displayed in the Rights windows for Names, Position....etc. I get the same (non) result when trying to set up a template from the menu bar (Settings>Configure digiKam>templates) as well as from the edit button for Captions>Information on the right side bar.

Am I missing something?  Suggestions, fixes most welcome. Thanks.

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