[digiKam-users] New to digikam

santiago scardosov at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 18:11:54 BST 2019

Hi... I am new to digikam.... I do really  have a big mess of photographs all
around hard drives, SDs, and local drives in several computers.  Some
pictures or perhaps many are duplicated..... So I want to fix this mess and
organize my photographs.  What I do want to do is to centralize all pictures
in a high capacity hard drive (external), back it up and the delete the
photographs in the source drives...... What would be the right steps to do
it in order to proceed systematically and safely, without duplicating files
and ending up with a bigger mess! It is not clear to me if Digikam stores
automatically the photos in  the database or just it keeps a link with the
source file or a thumbnail.  I would kindly appreciate your advice and
guidance.  I do not know how many photographs do I have, so I wonder if it
would be OK to change to Mysql at the very beginning .??  I have an Asus
laptop computer with Windows.  Regards  Santiago (Mexico)

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