[digiKam-users] Metadata for RAW files

Rafael Linux rafael.linux.user at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 11:11:46 BST 2019

I tried latest version. I was confused about if try the "qtwebkit" or the
"qtwebengine" appimage. Anyway, I tried the "qtwebkit". Thank you to your
patch, I can edit now ANY field on "Edit metadada". However, I have a
question. Maybe my idea of how this function works is wrong. I understand
that it should let me choose a group of elements (photos) and the assign to
them all changes I made to metadata, but that's not the way is working. I
need to click "apply" button, then "next" button and make again all changes
in metadata ... 

What's really the idea intended when Digikam implemented that functionality. 
Maybe under Digikam focus, the feature I'm asking for should be under "Batch
queue", to let user change simultaneously  same metadata in a set of photos.

Could you clarify me the issue?

Thank you

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