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Nicolas Boulesteix nico.boulesteix at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 17:22:08 BST 2019

As it's a mailing list, I'm not sure you can add an attached file after
publishing your message... and I don't found any rw2 attached file in your
previous message but I download sample rw2 file and I can confirm there's a
matter. So, I suggest you to open a file in the bugtracking system.

For editing metadata without "edit metadata" tool, I don't speak about
"metadata" right tab which only display metadata, I speak about the tab
just after the "map" right tab.

In this side tab, you have three tab in the top, one for title, description
and rating, one for keywords (or tags ?) and the last one for more
informations about picture like Author, credits, copyright, and more.

In this last tab, you can't edit directly informations, you have to create
a model clicking on the pencil symbol in the right of the first row used to
select the model.

Create a model corresponding to the credits, author and more you want to
set, and when done, in this tab, select the model and apply it to your
pictures. My side, it succeed to create an xmp file related to a rw2 file
with the updated content.


Le lun. 22 juil. 2019 à 15:22, Rafael Linux <rafael.linux.user at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> I don't find nothing similar to legend, but "Metadata" in the right side,
> but
> doesn't let me change anything. I must remember that I don't pretend to
> change metadata inside RAW files, but using the sidecard files. I mentioned
> I had all permissions on the folder where my RW2 files are to clarify that
> is not a permissions issue.
> Photonoxx, as you suggested, I tried "write xmp files only for read only
> picture" but the issue continues. I understand that this is referred to
> file
> permissions and, as I wrote, I have all permissions for those files. And
> about "Photo legend/Photo footer", it does work, but that's not so powerful
> as "Element, Edit metadata".
> In conclusion, as can be seen in the video, something is failing with RW2
> files from "Element, Edit metadata".
> Thank you
> P.D.: I attached one RW2 file to my previous post, but I did it after
> publishing, so maybe some of you didn't notice that.
> --
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