[digiKam-users] Digikam slow to scan same collection in another mountpath (in the same AlbumRoot)

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 22 16:02:35 BST 2019


I had my picture collection in two different NAS which were kept in sync.
One of my hard drives died during the last heat wave a few weeks ago, so now
I'm using a different path to access the exact same pictures. My database
already contemplated that option, so no matter which path I used, digikam
could find the same pictures. 

For instance, in the AlbumRoots table I had several mountpaths for each


That way I could use the exactly same database file even if I am in or away
of home, using Linux or Windows, and connecting to one NAS or the other. I
can open digikam and just browse the files without any problem, as they are
always available.

However, I have noticed that when using a different path, and digikam scans
for new files on startup, it is much slower than usual. It seems it is
scanning all files one by one again. Is it possible that it detects that
something has changed, and instead of skipping the already existing files,
it scans everything again? Maybe there is a hash for each picture and has to
recreate them again?

The contents are already in the database, I am not sure why it is checking
everything again. Albums belong to the same AlbumRoot and Images belong to
the same Album.

PS: yes, I know that using multiple mounthpaths is not an officially
supported feature. It is mostly curiosity at this point (and whether I can
do something to speed up the process).

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