[digiKam-users] Update metadata for multiple photographs

Andy Struthers andy at glkeswick.plus.com
Thu Jul 18 17:49:22 BST 2019

I just started using digiKam (current version for Windows 10). Is it
possible to edit metadata for multiple photos in a batch? e.g. to organize
my backlog of digitised 35mm negatives I want to add location details to
the relevant IPTC and XMP attributes. As many photos are taken in the same
location I'd like to be able to enter the values once and have them written
to the target attributes in all of the selected files. I know that tagging
in digiKam works like that.

 If I open the Edit Metadata tool with multiple photos selected it only
applies edits to the the first of the selected files and I have to work
through each selected photo one by one to add the same information.

I can't find anything in the documentation describing how to do what I want
so I need to ask, does the software currently support updating of metadata
for multiple files in a batch?

In all other respects digiKam is an excellent application for my needs
(casual home user) and I'd like to carry on using it but with a few
thousand photos to catalog, updating metadata one photo at a time isn't
really feasible.

Sorry if this question has been asked before but trying to find anything in
the mailing list archives isn't easy without a means of searching them.

Thanks for any help with this issue.

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