[digiKam-users] Status on "No support to resync GPS data from digikams database into into jpg files" ?

r8hbbm119eyum at jetemail.net r8hbbm119eyum at jetemail.net
Wed Jul 10 22:32:32 BST 2019


I'm running Digikam 6.1.0 on linux.

I consolidated a bunch of photos from numerous locations and used ExifTool to clean up their metadata.

I specifically removed 'all' the GPS/Geo-location data.

When I open the collection in Digikam, many photos still display the 'has Geo location data' globe icon.

Nothing I've tried so far -- including writing from Files to metadata, and Tools->Maintenance sync TO db -- gets rid of that icon.

Talking over on the ExifTool forums, 

  Topic: after exiftool removal of 'all' Geo/GPS, still appearing in Digikam afterwards?

it's mentioned this be due to this Digikam bug

  Bug 229010 - No support to resync GPS data from digikams database into into jpg files

That bug was opened in 2010, and last commented in 2016.  I don't know what happened since.  Only that I'm seeing this problem.

I'd ask there, but can't seem to get an account on Forums or KDE Bugs.

Is what I'm seeing still due to this open issue? Or something new?


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