[digiKam-users] The location of my pictures moved. How to adjust the catalog

Thomas thomas at kletschka.eu
Sun Apr 28 13:15:45 BST 2019

Thank You,


I just tried the solution and it worked fine!

But it was a bit tricky to find out that the circular-arrow-icon leads to the desired dialog. It would be great if this wonderful feature could be mentioned in the help files.


Best regards,






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Install digiKam-6.0.0, here in the setup under collections now there is a button to update the collection path.




Thomas <thomas at kletschka.eu <mailto:thomas at kletschka.eu> > schrieb am Mo., 1. Apr. 2019 09:47:

Hi all,


I am using digiKam 5.9.0 under Windows 10 (1809 64bit).

I had a small SSD and therefore my pictures were at:

      D:\something\pictures\* (complex subfolder structure)


Now I invested and own a huge SSD where the pictures are now under 

     C:\Users\Public\Pictures\*  (unchanged complex subfolder structure)


As I have invested quite a lot of time to identify persons/faces and tagging pictures I do not want to lose my work.

How can I manipulate the database to make digiKam aware about the new location of my pictures?


Best regards,




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