[digiKam-users] Move batch of files and organize by date

rroth at imsa.edu rroth at imsa.edu
Sun Apr 28 03:33:37 BST 2019

I have a workflow in which I place new images in a directory, spend some 
time tagging them/correcting timestamps using digikam with various 
information, and then I "import" them into my main collection while 
organizing them by date.  I do this using the "import -> Add Images" 
feature, and then I select "Date-based sub-albums" in the settings.  I 
choose my main collection's root, and then the images get stuffed in 
their appropriate locations, along with all of their metadata and tags.

This worked well for me until I turned off the feature where digikam 
writes my tags to each image's metadata, because I realized that was 
causing long waits each time I applied a tag to a large number of 
images.  After turning that feature off, my workflow broke because the 
import process did not move or copy the tags along with images because 
they only exist in the database, not in the image files.

I would like to know if there is a way to replicate my previous 
functionality without being forced to write metadata to each file.  I 
can't seem to find anything such feature in the batch queue manager or 
plugins.  Does such a feature exist?


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