[digiKam-users] More fighting with DigiKam

James Orr jorr1948 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 23 18:15:06 BST 2019

I really do want to like and use DigiKam. It is getting harder to succeed.

Several weeks ago, I asked about what to do when DigiKam would not 
record and use Pick Labels and Color Labels. I use Windows 10 on a very 
capable machine. I've upgraded to a couple of git versions, and now to 
6.1.0. I still cannot get these features to work.

I'm now preparing to copy several thousand images (prints and slides) I 
made in Turkey in 1985-1986. A pick list would be very useful. I also 
want to tag images with keywords to help me find the images I want after 
they are all digitized. So, I tried simply to add the word "Turkey" to 
no avail. I get a dialogue box that tells me "An error occurred during 
tag creation" and" /Turkey failed to add tag to database".
I think these are all related to database management.

I looking in my D:\Pictures folder and found this file name: 
.~lock.digikam4.db# (dated in 02-2019) I renamed it to 
.~lock.digikam4.db#.old. Nothing changed in my attempt to add a tag.

So, I wonder what is next for me to do.

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