[digiKam-users] No audio in DK 6.1?

Marc Palaus marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 19 09:03:49 BST 2019

I also noticed the same. Video files have no sound, regardless of the format.

On Apr 19, 2019 09:33, Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com> wrote:

So run the appimage bundle from a console and report the full trace to investigate.

Gilles Cua

Le ven. 19 avr. 2019 à 09:16, meku <digikam at meku.org<mailto:digikam at meku.org>> a écrit :

Thanks, that's the first thing I tried was sliding it all the way to the right but it is not fixing it.

On Fri, 19 Apr 2019 at 17:08, Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com<mailto:caulier.gilles at gmail.com>> wrote:

On the right bottom of video player view from digiKam, you will found a new slider to setup the volume. Check if this one is not turned off.


Gilles Caulier

Le ven. 19 avr. 2019 à 08:29, meku <digikam at meku.org<mailto:digikam at meku.org>> a écrit :
I loaded DK 6.1 stable appimage and found that there is no audio for any video playback. The Digikam application is not even listed in the PulseAudio control panel.

Is there a workaround or is this a known issue? This is on Kubuntu.

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