[digiKam-users] Web based interface (in PHP etc)

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Sun Apr 7 16:06:27 BST 2019

Le 07/04/2019 à 15:20, Tac Tacelosky a écrit :
> To be specific, the relationship issue I had a hard time with was the 
> association between the image metadata and the image.  Here's my 
> question on StackExchange:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49322804/optional-related-doctrine-entity-onetoone-relationship/49323307
> I think the data would be easier to work with as a bi-directional 
> relationship.

what I would like to have first is a simple way to create a sidecar file 
(xml) for metadata

* from digikam database to xml it's standard
* from/to piwigo database to xml

it is probably pretty easy, I simply don't have the necessary time now 
(my sql knowledge is low) to investigate

the goal is to syn digikam and piwigo meta data infos: some are modified 
on line, others on digikam. sync xml should be pretty easy because files 
a small and text



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