[digiKam-users] Web based interface (in PHP etc)

Sveinn í Felli sv1 at fellsnet.is
Sun Apr 7 10:11:34 BST 2019

Þann 7.4.2019 06:19, skrifaði jdd at dodin.org:
> Le 07/04/2019 à 01:40, Daniel Fenn a écrit :
>> for example), what do others think about having a version of Digikam 
>> that would run on a webserver and you access it via a browser?
> there are many php web galleries that fits the need. I use Piwigo
> http://dodin.org/piwigo/index.php

For years there have been conduits for various web services in Digikam.

One thing to consider might be to make an extension for 
Nextcloud/ownCloud (or any of the federated private FOSS cloud systems); 
these systems already have solved the handling of users, permissions, 
file management, some of the metadata, have viewers for images, and 
plenty of other useful stuff. They also handle versioning, can be 
extended via plug-ins/extensions, have a huge user-base and are well 
documented. Some think of these as free private Dropbox on steroids, but 
there's so much more to it.

Perhaps it's an overkill, but people have managed to setup Nextcloud on 
simple NAS and in QNAS, there's Nexcloud Box for Raspberry Pi, etc...

AND there's both web interface(s) and Android/iOS clients, plus the 
desktop control-panels.

I mention this because I think this could provide a vast scope of uses; 
from simple photo-management on a LAN, to a dedicated image-handling for 
specific purposes in corporate/institutional environment, e.g. 
cataloging products or scientific samples with multi-user access.

This could perhaps be at least be explored to see if it is doable, where 
Digikam could fit in and what would be needed for it to work?

Just thoughts,
Sveinn í Felli

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