[digiKam-users] opening usb disk

Andrey Goreev aegoreev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 12:49:43 BST 2019

You need to add the drive to fstab otherwise it is not mounted on startup. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
-------- Original message --------From: jdd at dodin.org Date: 2019-04-04  2:06 a.m.  (GMT-07:00) To: digikam-users at kde.org Subject: [digiKam-users] opening usb disk Hello,I don't know if digikam can do something about it, but I have my database and my collection on an external usb3 disk.It's not as fast as my main ssd, but enough for my use. *but*The disk is most of the time sleeping (connected but stopped) and when I start digikam, this start do not seems to wake it. I have to launch dolphin to wake the disk and then restart digikamis there some way to solve this better?thanksjdd-- http://dodin.org
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