[digiKam-users] Is there any way to stop Exif Caption being copied to Description?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Mon Sep 17 14:22:05 BST 2018

Well I'm experimenting with Digikam's "Edit Metadata" and I seem to
have hit a problem.  There seems to be no way to prevent the text in
the "Caption" being copied to the "Description".  Since "Caption" is
the only field that allows accented characters this is a bit difficult!

I've tried removing "Exif.Image.ImageDescription" from the fields in
the Settings->Metadata->Advanced tab but data *still* gets written
into the "Description" box. (While I'm about it what's the difference
between un-ticking the tick box and removing the line completely?)

It seems the only way to get accented characters into an image
description without producing fields that the exiv2 library doesn't
like is to put them only in XMP fields.

Chris Green

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