[digiKam-users] Digikam database basic questions

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 04:08:58 BST 2018

2018-09-13 2:24 GMT+02:00 Michael Levin <mlevin77 at comcast.net>:

> I’ve installed the DigiKam .pkg file (5.9.0) on my Apple running High
> Sierra. When I try to choose where the database goes, all I see on the left
> panel of the choosing menu is Computer or my home directory - I don’t see
> any way to choose one of the other hard drives (USB). What am I missing?

Go to Configure dialog, Misc tab and turn on the native file dialog option
and try again.

> Also, I’m trying to import a huge library of photos that was exported from
> iPhoto by iphoto2xmp. It will actually copy all those photos (and
> meta-data) into the database, which will then also become huge, right - the
> database doesn’t just index locations of the image files and leave them in
> place (links)?

yes exactly. A metadata scanner is used at import time and extract the most
important information from Exif and XMP to populate the database.

The photo still at the original place (collection). There are not
duplicated as iPhoto or Photos applications (I never understand this
concept to overload your computer with duplicated files).


Gilles Caulier
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