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Well, it looks like the problem depends on wierd things. The latest manjaro with KDE also has this problem. So you are lucky. What kde/qt version the OpenSUSE and Debian 9 (here I guess something older) uses?


W dniu 07.09.2018 o 00:03, Andrey Goreev pisze:
I use two monitors max. (laptop screen and an external monitor). I did have issues with the setup on Mint KDE a couple of years ago but everything works as a charm on openSUSE TW as well as on Debian 9.

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Have you tried multimonitor setup on KDE? That could be the only one reason not to use KDE. Even on the latest kubuntu 18.04 it still is unstable, buggy, terrible in spite of the fact that this is very old problem.


W dniu 06.09.2018 o 17:03, Andrey Goreev pisze:
I would go for KDE over XFCE any time if I had a choice but that is my preference.
Reasons for my choice are:
- Dolphin - in my opinion it is the best file manager ever. I use it on my Windows 10 work laptop too but it is way more powerful on Linux.
- I like how easy it is to integrate scripts running in konsole to the system's Open With menu and digikam. I use scripts to compress my video files, locate a single image in a folder, read metadata using exiftool, fix dates using exiftool, etc. etc. All that I call via a right click - open with from digikam. I tried MATE DE but I was not able to make it work as smooth as on KDE.

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On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 3:09 PM <digikam at 911networks.com<mailto:digikam at 911networks.com>> wrote:
dk 5.9.0 appimage.

I'm using Manjaro/xfce and I'm looking at doing some hardware updates
and reinstalling Manjaro. I could install KDE instead of XFCE.

What's the difference between the digikam KDE version and the

* more functionality?
* more speed?



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