[digiKam-users] XMP advice

Peter McD peter.posts at gmx.net
Mon Sep 3 18:39:25 BST 2018

Am 03.09.2018 um 18:14 schrieb digikam at 911networks.com:
> dk 5.9.0 appimage
> I need some XMP adivce.
> I have all kind of xmps on my system from the last 12 years:
> * filename.cr2.xmp from bibble/aftershot pro
> * filename.xmp from lightroom
> * filename.cr2.xmp from darktable
> * filename.cr2.xmp from xnviewmp
> * filename.cr2.xmp from digikam
> Now I have all my DAM data in DK and that's all I want to keep. I
> don't need any of the image edits. Now I'm using rawtherapee with
> their pp3 files.
> Before I screw up anything, Backup: yes I do, I have 2 backups.
> Can I "almost" safely delete all the xmps and then ask DK to save all
> the xmps from the the dk database?

I did it once. DK has a maintenance section.

You can read all xmp data into DK, delete all xmp files and let DK read 
out its data to xmp again, which should create new xmps. Then everything 
should be OK. And it takes a while.

You test it better with a few sample files.


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