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Sun Nov 18 18:22:48 GMT 2018

On Sun, 18 Nov 2018 11:16:48 -0700
Andrey Goreev <aegoreev at gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe it is worth to give Plasma desktop a second chance.  Plasma
> is pretty light nowadays. Kubuntu 18.04 minimal install, KDE Neon
> are very light so are any KDE distros without Kontact Suite,
> akonadi, etc. 

I'm looking at KDE but I first need a new video card, but I'm waiting
a very, very good sale...



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> 09:15:40 +0100"jdd at dodin.org" <jdd at dodin.org> wrote:> Le 17/11/2018
> à 22:37, Andrey Goreev a écrit :> > Then looks like you have to
> either install KIO or export via a> > script / > command line. > >
> may be you can copy the file to an other album, then use the
> system> to move this album to external storage?I kind of already do
> system> that. I have my base /photos/ and then I have
> system> analbum /photos/xfers, then in bash I move the photos to
> system> where I need.The problem is the less than fully competent
> system> operator that forgets toeither move the files and does a
> system> copy and then forgets... That why iwas trying to do it
> system> within DK.sknahTvyS> > jdd> > > -- > http://dodin.org--
> system> sknahTvyS



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