[digiKam-users] Erroneously copied tags

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at elfringham.co.uk
Sat Nov 10 17:57:12 GMT 2018

I have been doing a lot of tagging over the past few days and I noticed 
something strange going on.

I have logged this as a bug here

I just thought it would be good to give people a heads up about it as it 
can cause a loss of data, which in my book is a very bad thing.

In summary, if you have tagged and untagged images in a selection and 
add a tag to that selection. Then tags from the tagged images can be 
copied erroneously to the untagged images. This results in tags being 
applied to images that should not have them.

This is using digikam 6.0.0-beta1. I do not want to update my source at 
the moment to HEAD until Debian has exiv2 0.27 available. At the moment 
the latest in experimental is 0.26.


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