[digiKam-users] Rename on Import issue 6.0.0beta2

Andrey Goreev aegoreev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 15:02:41 GMT 2018

Thanks Maik.
I will give it a try with the metadata reading enabled and see if it is
Rename after the import is very easy too though.

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This is an old problem (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=387004). You
can enable reading the metadata in the import tool under the digiKam->
Camera-> Behavior. However, then the reading of the images from the 
Camera-> camera is
much slower. Better to rename the files after the import.


Am Donnerstag, 1. November 2018, 02:16:05 CET schrieb Andrey Goreev:
> Hi,
> I have noticed that if I apply the following rename pattern 
> [date:"yyyyMMdd-hhmmss"]-[file]{range:5,11}
> on import DNG+JPG pairs often get different names.
> Usually DNG is 2 seconds behind, for example JPG will be 
> 20181031-180920-6105.JPG and RAW will be 20181031-180922-6105.DNG
> However if I use the same pattern on images that are already imported 
> (select images - right click - rename) the names look correct (both 
> JPG and DNG will be at 180920).
> It does not happen to every single pair of images but only to some of
> Can anyone reproduce the issue?
> Thanks,
> Andrey

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