[digiKam-users] Photos not showing in album root directory

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Fri Mar 30 08:44:27 BST 2018

I have a few photos which have not been placed in a sub-directory of an 
album but do not appear when I select the root directory in digikam even 
after a refresh.

My album added is at /home/stuart/Work/Graphics1 and in this directory 
is a sub directory of PentaxK500 with sub-directories beneath that. All 
photos in directories from PentaxK500 down show up as they should but 
there are 4 jpgs and 3 pngs in Graphics1 but they do not appear in 
digikam when I select Graphics1 as the album. Why is this?

Website: https://www.stella-maris.org.uk
or:      https//www.broadstairs.org

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