[digiKam-users] Issue moving albums

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Tue Mar 27 14:07:23 BST 2018

Because I have disk space problems I need to move some albums to a new 
album which is mounter on a new Linux partition. I decided to use 
digikam to do the move because I thought it would correct the database 
along the way as there are many hundreds of images to be moved in 
several albums to the new location.

I did this by dragging and dropping the old album on the new location 
and selected move here. The move took place but does not now show up in 
the new location even if I refresh or close and restart digikam. I am 
using 5.8 but just tried 5.9 appimage to see if the moved album will 
show up but no luck it does not show anywhere - old or new location.

Anyone any ideas please?

Website: https://www.stella-maris.org.uk
or:      https//www.broadstairs.org

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