[digiKam-users] updating kipi-plugins

cool.chris65 at web.de cool.chris65 at web.de
Mon Mar 19 15:47:26 GMT 2018


I've just tested DK 5.9.0 - and here it shows also Kipi 5.6.0 as in DK 5.8.0 


Am Freitag, 2. Februar 2018, 14:47:44 CET schrieb Tac Tacelosky:
> Hmm.  My laptop shows a slightly different plugins screen, says 5.6,
> whereas my desktop (where Flickr is working) shows this.  Same OS, both
> from the appimage download on digikam.  The only difference with the laptop
> is that at various points it's had digikam 4 and digikam 5.6 installed.  If
> the individual plugins have version numbers, they'd be valuable here.
> Should I run the 5.9 appimage?  There's no mention of plugin changes in
> 5.9, and am cautious about doing a database migration which might prevent
> me from using the stable 5.8.
> Tac

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