[digiKam-users] Importing xmp data from Lightroom 4.4 to Digikam 5.5.0

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 16 16:52:01 GMT 2018

On vendredi 16 mars 2018 16:45:23 CET Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Hi,
> Normally, LR metadata must be backported to DK. The rules are there, i
> implemented myself the code. When i said LR metadata, i want mean all that
> DK can understand from this application.
> Can you share some files (CR2 + XMP sidecars) to see if i can reproduce the
> problem
> .

I understood that part of OP's problem is in conserving the edits done in 
Lightroom. For that, I think he'll have to export all his images to TIFF (or 
PNG if no layers present, png will be smaller), DNG won't help much as it is 
still a raw format.


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