[digiKam-users] In which folder Digikam puts its database?

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 9 23:24:01 GMT 2018

I see. The "2A-ArchiveOrigin" appears twice, with exactly the same number of
photos. Maybe they both refer to the same place. 

The icon on the top of the left panel, "Properties", shows you information
about the files, like the file name and the path where it is stored. I would
select one picture, check the path, and then select the same picture in the
other identical collection to see if it has exactly the same path.

If they both have the same path, the collection is probably duplicated in
digikam, and I guess that it doesn't matter which one you remove (from the
collection settings, not deleting the pictures directly).

Another option would be to clean and scan the library once again (Tools,
maintenance, "Scan for new items" and "Perform database cleaning". If the
pictures are not there anymore, they should disappear. But that process
takes some time. And if the same collection is there twice, I guess that
won't do anything.

Anyway, it's never a bad idea to backup the databases elsewhere before
trying these things, just in case.

PS: Belles photos de la Birmanie!

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