[digiKam-users] Renaming a folder does not work

karsten_df karsten.defreese at posteo.de
Tue Mar 6 19:56:09 GMT 2018

hi all,
when last using digikam, I ran into a problem I had not seen before.
I've imported some photos, creating a folder structure like
<year>/<month>/<date> automatically.
When trying to rename the folder afterwards from <date> to some
content-specific name, there's an error message popup window like 'cannot
rename folder'.
(The folder is then still renamed in digikam's view, but that's not my issue
here - the issue is, that it's not renamed at the actual storage location,
and the renaming therefore is reverted during the next scan for changes.)

Any ideas what could go wrong here? Should I create a bug ticket?
A permission issue seems like an obvious explanation, however how could the
image importer create the directories then?

I'm using digikam
- under (a rather fresh install of) OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, latest updates 
(was using digikam before under Leap 42.2)
- with a mySQL data base on a separate server
- with images in multiple collections, most of which are on an NFS share on
that same server
  (the issue described is with a NFS collection)
Console output of a digikam startup (including search for new images) is
attached - I can't see any traces of the failed rename there. The error
should occur almost at the end of the console log

many thanks for your help -


Version 5.8.0
Build date: Feb 9 2018 (target: None)
KDE Frameworks 5.43.0
Qt 5.10.0 (built against 5.10.0)
The xcb windowing system 

digikam version 5.8.0
CPU cores: 4
Eigen: 3.3.4
Exiv2: 0.26
Exiv2 can write to Jp2: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Jpeg: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Pgf: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Png: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Tiff: Yes
Exiv2 supports XMP metadata: Yes
KF5: 5.42.0
LensFun: 0.3.2-0
LibCImg: 130
LibJPEG: 80
LibJasper: 1.900.14
LibLCMS: 2090
LibLqr support: Yes
LibPGF: 7.15.32
LibPNG: 1.6.34
LibRaw: 0.18.6
LibTIFF: 4.0.9
Marble: 0.27.20
Parallelized demosaicing: Yes
Qt: 5.10.0
AkonadiContact support: Yes
Baloo support: Yes
Calendar support: yes
DBus support: Yes
Database backend: QMYSQL
Database internal server: No
HTML Gallery support: yes
Kipi-Plugins: 5.8.0
LibGphoto2: 2.5.16
LibKipi: 5.2.0
LibOpenCV: 3.3.1
LibQtAV: 1.12.0
Media player support: Yes
Panorama support: yes

digikam version 5.8.0
BMP: 4
JPG: 33194
ORF: 180
PNG: 13
RAW-CR2: 143
RAW-CRW: 740
RAW-DNG: 111
RAW-ORF: 7528
TIFF: 11
total: 41924
AVI: 13
MOV: 24
total: 37
Total Items: 41961
Albums: 1033
Tags: 56
Database backend: QMYSQL
Host Name: ubuserv2
Host Port: 3306
User account: digikam
Connect options: 
Core Db name: digikam_core
Thumbs Db name: digikam_thumbs
Face Db name: digikam_faces

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