[digiKam-users] either face recognition screen is buggy or I still don't understand it - at least I can say that more convenient bulk change of face tags (no auto refresh / set faces via context menu) is neccessary #V5.9.0 Windows Feb 27 2018

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 5 12:01:51 GMT 2018

I have been also playing with the face tagging feature, and I think that
there are still a few rough edges that could be improved:

- For instance, it is not intuitive to scan just one folder. There should be
an option to right click an album -> "Scan for faces" or similar. Right now,
you have to go to the "People" menu on the left -> "Scan for faces", expand
the "options" menu, and check those folders you want to explore (among
potentially hundreds of folders, which makes them quite difficult to find)

- Once the scan finishes, apparently nothing happened. It took me a while to
notice that there was an "Unknown" tag within "People" in the face list. I
think it should appear on top of the list, or in a distinct formatting or
section, so you don't have to scroll among lots of faces (I currently have
800-900 face tags) in order to find the "unknown" ones.

- By the way, a "tag" called "da" appeared within the "Unknown" person tag
and all unknown people appeared there. It is still there even when all
people have been correctly tagged. Is this normal/expected?

- Once you start tagging the unrecognized photos, if digikam thinks another
photo corresponds to the person you just tagged, it will assign that face to
that person's face tag, without telling you. That's ok, but in many cases
Digikam is not a 100% sure and makes a few false positives. The only way to
find them is going person by person and check if there are wrong faces
assigned to them. 

- Related to the previous point, when browsing a specific person's face
tags, digikam will ask for confirmation for those tags which it is not sure
that they belong to that person. However, there's no possible way to
distinguish them from "confirmed" face tags unless you hover over it with
your mouse. There should be some distinctive formatting on those tags, so
you can see which ones are confirmed and which ones aren't. For instance,
Picasa places an orange mark on unconfirmed tags, places them at the end of
that person's face list, and includes a mark on the list of people so you
can see which persons have unconfirmed tags right away from the list.

- Also, as I mentioned in the post above. Some people end up as a
first-level list element, and some are placed inside a "People". I have no
idea what does it mean or why it is this way.

- Another possible improvement to the face recognition feature would be
grouping unknown faces. So if digikam doesn't know whose face it is, but it
is sure a group of 5 pictures correspond to the same person, they could
appear as a group so you only need to write their name once for all the

Thanks for your time. Please, don't take these suggestions as a critic, but
as suggestions on how to improve usability. Even with these minor hiccups,
Digikam is one of the best photo managers out there and you're doing a great

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