[digiKam-users] Scanning 200,000 photos. Digikam, mysql and NAS

Manuel Fernández mferbet at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 11:26:14 GMT 2018

I'm trying to manage a photo file of 200,000 photos with digikam. I have the
data in mysql working correctly (1.6TB). Once put into operation is quick to
locate photos, search by tags, etc. Great.

The photos are on a NAS unit connected in a network.

Problem: Digikam every so often deletes everything and scans again. It is a
process that takes 24 hours or more and during that process you can not work
and 0 photos appear. Is there any way to avoid it? Why digikam delete the
photos? (I have looked at the program option concerning check at startup,
It's off.) 
I have verified that the records in mysql have not been deleted. They are

Possibly the one that uses digikam with few photos does not have importance,
even it is noticed. But in my case, scanning 200,000 photos on a network is


(Sorry, Google translate)

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