[digiKam-users] Left Label View ignores selected album and shows enire collection

ralphl lachenmaier at mchsi.com
Sun Mar 4 22:21:16 GMT 2018

I am running Digikam 5.9.0 (appimage) on Xubuntu 17.04.  I have a large
number of albums/ sub-albums in my collection.  If I select a certain
sub-album in the left Albums view and then select the left Tags view I see
thumbnails for only those photos that are in the selected sub-album. 
However, if I select the left Labels view, I see thumbnails for all albums
in my entire collection. To me this seems a strange way for Digikam to work. 
Is it supposed to work this way, or is it a bug?  If it is not a bug, is
there a way to limit the thumbnails displayed with the left Labels view to
just those in my selected sub-album.

Any help appreciated......  

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