[digiKam-users] How Hierarchial Tags Work

ralphl lachenmaier at mchsi.com
Mon Feb 26 22:20:41 GMT 2018

Thanks to all of you that replied to my request for help.  I appreciate it.

1.  Andreas:  I have been unable to find a way to include parent tags, as
you suggested.  If you get a chance would you tell me where to set that
2.  By using Properties on the right hand sidebar, I was able to see all my
tags for the selected photo.  I should have seen  that before I sent out the
help request email.  The only problem is the lack of word wrap so that long
hierarchies require me to expand the right hand properties window across the
entire screen.
3.  I figured out that the "hover Properties window" contains all my tags,
but abbreviates them if they are long.  This abbreviation is done by
omitting the beginning of the hierarchal tag, and only showing final child
tag.  Thus /Alaska/Demonstration/Sluicebox is abbreviated to just
4.  I determined that Main menu>View>Include Tag Sub-Tree applies only to
the left hand sidebar Tags view.  With that option set (and no right sidebar
filters set) I can filter photos in Thumbnail view to work just like the
Linux hierarchal file system.  When I wrote this help request, I didn't know
that the left sidebar Tags view could be used as a filter, and I haven't yet
found it documented that it can be.
5.  The right Filter view seems to require that the lowest level child be
checked in order for photos with that tag to be included in the Thumbnail
Center panel view.  This behavior seems (to me, at least) to make the right
Filter view not very useful.  Maybe it could be used in conjunction with
Tags view to further refine filter--I haven't tried it. Anyway, if I can do
my filtering using the left Tags view, I think I can do what I need to do.

Again thanks to everybody for their help,

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