[digiKam-users] How Hierarchial Tags Work

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at elfringham.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 19:30:59 GMT 2018

On 26/02/18 01:24, andreas at spheniscid.net wrote:
> Hello,
>> However, if tag my a photo Alaska/Demonstration/Mine and another one
>> Alaska/Demonstrations/Sluicebox, go to "Filter" and check the boxes in 
>> the
>> hierarchy for Alaska and Demonstrations, I will see no photos in 
>> Thumbnail
>> View.
> There's an option in digikam to choose whether parent level tags should 
> automatically added when you use a sublevel tag or not (not sure where 
> out of the top of my head and far away from my own computer to check). I 
> assume it's set on not automatically the parent level, so you either 
> have to tick them manually or change thhe setting. At least, that's the 
> first thing I'd check.

Rather than automatically adding the parent tags I would just go to the 
'View' menu and make sure that the 'Include Tag Sub-Tree' near the 
bottom, is checked. This is a more flexible approach as it can be turned 
on and off very simply.


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