[digiKam-users] How Hierarchial Tags Work

ralphl lachenmaier at mchsi.com
Mon Feb 26 01:06:09 GMT 2018

As a new user I am having trouble understanding/ using hierarchical tags.  I
am used to hierarchal file systems (such as the one in Linux).  If i have a
folder path /Alaska/Demonstrations/Mine and another folder path
Alaska/Demonstrations/Sluicebox, and I select the path
"Alaska/Demonstrations", I will see the folders "Mine" and "Sluicebox". 
However, if tag my a photo Alaska/Demonstration/Mine and another one
Alaska/Demonstrations/Sluicebox, go to "Filter" and check the boxes in the
hierarchy for Alaska and Demonstrations, I will see no photos in Thumbnail

If I can't select photos from hierarchal tags, what good are they? 
Obviously, I don't understand how hierarchal tags work.  Would somebody

Also, sometimes some tags do not show in the Properties window, when I hover
over a photo in Thumbnail view. I can see the tags if I go to Metadata>XMP,
but it doesn't support word wrap so I have to make the Metadata window take
up my whole screen to see the tags.  Is there another way to view tags??

Any help appreciated.......

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