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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 12:41:15 GMT 2018

I think every mail program has its own 'recipes', and it is one of the
reasons you can choose one or another. But one has to learn to use its
functionalities and put them to good use in order to organize his mails to
his liking. And if you're not happy with what you can do with it, why don't
choose another one?

This has nothing to do with Digikam or whatever mailing-list or newsletter
one has subscribed to.


2018-02-23 13:24 GMT+01:00 Stephane Ascoet <stephane.ascoet at univ-paris1.fr>:

> Le 23/02/2018 à 13:00, digikam-users-request at kde.org a écrit :
>> [digikam] would be enough, as nearly any mailing list do
>> but I can ask on th forum to stop here...
>> jdd
> Hi, we could use something like [dku] for shorteness.
> You could:
> -Color Digikam messages with your Thunderbird filters
> -Have several folders: new mail folders. Your filter send digikam mails
> puts new Digikam mails in "New mails"/Digikam and when read, you send them
> in "Archive"/Digikam
> --
> Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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