[digiKam-users] [digiKam] sort photos by date and time?

Tac Tacelosky tacman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 19:57:08 GMT 2018

I was trying to move photos from one album to another, and accidentally
used <ctrl>-A, Move To Album... thinking I was only moving one album, and
managed to move everything to that that album.

Kicking myself, of course, since I was using the date+topic for the album
names, and was playing around with several different naming schemes (mostly
because of RAW+JPEG+<Images from Raw Therapee>).

So now I'm trying to undo my mess.  Alas, where I should have tagged them
by subject, I didn't.  But I can re-do everything if I can view them in
digiKam by date AND TIME, then regroup, move, and tag them accordingly.

In thumbnails, though, even in the "Timeline" vertical tab, everything
seems to be sorted by filename.  Since I used the counter as the part of
the file name, I'm getting a thoroughly shuffled set of photos.

Is there a way to sort them by date and time?


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