Removing image from the database (after deleting picture)

woenx marcpalaus at
Mon Feb 5 17:49:10 GMT 2018

Ok, sorry, it worked for that folder, but not for others.

I have a folder which that still appears despite no longer existing. But
it's a very particular case:
There were two folders with different content, one written in uppercase and
the other in lowercase. That happened because the server where they are
stored is case sensitive (debian), but windows (where digikam runs) is not.
Therefore, during a normal scan, digikam somehow saw the two folders and
distributed the pictures and subfolders inside them quite randomly.

So obviously, I renamed one of these folders so it has a different name.
After a full scan, digikam now sees three folders, the two original ones
(uppercase and lowercase, with similar but not identical content) and the
new one.

This is going to be a tough one...

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