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Sat Feb 3 19:33:13 GMT 2018

Hi  Gilles,

thanks for asking the community on this topic.
Here are my 2 cents.
Yosemite (10.10) was released in 2014. Meanwhile the current MacOS is 
10.13, released in 2017. Patches and security fixes are usually released 
only to two of the former operations system generations which is MacOsX 
10.11 at the moment. It is well known that Apple has a somehow demanding 
update policy for MacOS and that the company does not offer such long 
term support for the operation system as Microsoft does.
So I would really think it is acceptable when you make Digikam backward 
compatible to 10.10.


  only to MacOS which is max. two versions
On 02/03/2018 09:45 AM, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Hi all,
> After a release 5.8.0 for MacOS based on Qt 5.8.0 from an older Macports 
> install, i made a huge update and now Qt 5.10 come with Macports.
> In my MacOS build script the backward compatibility is set to MacOS 
> 10.8... but Qt 5.10 is only compatible in source code with MacOS 10.10. 
> Qt 5.10 do not compile :
> So, if i want to build the 5.9.0 and all future version of digiKam for 
> MacOS, i will need to increase the backward compatibility with MacOS 10.0
> I can ask to Macports team to try to patch Qt 5.10 to improve the 
> backward compatibility, but it's not a garantie that all will compile. 
> After all, Qt compilation break quickly at startup. What's about the 
> rest of Qt code, which is huge...
> The other solution is to compile Qt < 5.10 myself, outside Macports, as 
> last 5.9.3, but i  will left the Macports support for this package and i 
> know that Macports provide a lots of patch for Qt under MacOS.
> The idea to use a specific version of Qt with Macports introduce the 
> huge problem of Macports usability to go back to a previous port 
> version. I do it in the past with OPenCV, and i lost few days of work to 
> make a weird puzzle. Macports is just not designed to play with a 
> previous version of a port, that all.
> So my question is : a MacOS backward compatibility to 10.10 is 
> acceptable with digiKam package ?
> Best
> Gilles Caulier

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