How are hierarchycal tags/keywords stored in picture files?

woenx marcpalaus at
Fri Feb 2 17:43:49 GMT 2018


My previous photo manager didn't have support for hierarchical tags or
keywords (I don't know what's the proper term), and it's awesome that
digikam supports them since they are incredibly useful.

One question though. Are these hierarchies stored in the picture files at
all? On one hand, I imported some files that already had some hierarchical
keywords (I guess they were edited with adobe lightroom by someone else), so
that makes me think the keywords and their relationship are indeed embedded
in each picture, but on the other hand, after creating some keyword
hierarchies on digikam, I can see the changes are immediate and they require
no network usage (my files are stored in a NAS), whereas adding a new tag
takes a few seconds for each picture. That makes me think nothing is being
saved in the pictures themselves, only in digikam's database.

So... are digikam hierarchical keywords stored in each picture? If I import
them in another photo manager (let's say lightroom or shotwell), will they
appear as a hierarchy or just as a list of keywords on the same level?


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