Tag manager modification aren't writed automaticly in metadata

nonobio nonobio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 07:33:59 GMT 2018


First, a screenshot of what i'm talking about :


I often use the captions and *tags right panel (1)* for add or change tags
on selected photo. When i do that, *changes are automaticly writed to

Yesterday, for the first time, i made a tag cleaning using *the tag
exploring view on the left (2)*. I deleted some tags, modified some others,

Then, i would synchronize my modified photo to other storage places and saw
*files wasn't physicly modified (tags wasn't writed to metadata).*

So i gone back to Digikam and searched something related : i opened the
*"tag manager" (3) and saw a feature called "Write tags from database to

*So, if i understand : editing tags from tag exploring view or tag manager
aren't automaticly writed to file metadata and i have to use the button
"Write tags from database to picture" ?

Is it normal ?*

*Is there a setting to enable that (automaticly write metadata) ?

Are there others editions that aren't automaticly writed in metadata ?*

These are my metadata settings :


Thanks :)

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